National Museum of Decorative Painting

April 18, 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that due to lack of funds, and after 36 years of operation, the Board of Directors of the National Museum of Decorative Painting has decided to sell our building and dissolve the tax-exempt organization which has operated the Museum. Happily, many of our historical pieces are being placed with other museums focused on the decorative arts. Every time they are on exhibit, it will be noted that they were a gift from the National Museum of Decorative Painting.

The Museum has been very proud and happy over the years to have collected, preserved, and exhibited the art of decorative painting and to have provided so many educational programs for the public to increase their appreciation and understanding of decorative painting, its heritage, methods, and techniques.

Thank you for your past support for our mission.


National Museum of Decorative Painting

Betsy Thomas
President and Acting Executive Director
Board of the National Museum of Decorative Painting

Note:  Since the museum is closing, we are researching all options for the collection, however donated items belong to the museum and cannot be returned to the donor unless there is a contractual obligation to do so at the time of acquisition. However, we can return items that were used to raise funds for the museum, like in a book or used for a class taught for the museum. The Artists have 6 weeks (May 26th) to let us know if they would like any of these items returned. Thank you for understanding the legal restrictions we're under.

If you have questions about your items, please email info@dpmuseum.org or call the museum at 404-351-1151 and leave a message. We will try to answer all requests within a day.


OKC Painting Palooza

October 22-27, 2018

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