About the Museum and Plan a Visit...

The National Museum of Decorative Painting was created in 1982 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and displaying the art of decorative painting. The Museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia, houses over 1500 examples of decorative painting of historical and contemporary significance and of artistic merit. Additionally, the Museum provides exhibitions and educational programs for the public to increase their appreciation and understanding of decorative painting, its heritage, methods, and techniques.

Visit the Museum located at 1406 Woodmont Lane, Atlanta, GA 30318.

The Museum is open for a tour by appointment only.

For inquiries or information, please call (404) 351-1151.

Plan Your Visit to the Museum

Whether you are just stopping by to enjoy the current display, or planning a more involved visit to the Museum, the welcome mat is always out for you. We are anxious to share with you the treasures in the Museum's collections and will be happy to guide you through the gallery displays, as well as thousands of works in our visible storage area. Our goal is to ensure your visit is memorable.

The National Museum of Decorative Painting

Group Visits

Arrange an exciting visit to the Museum with a group of friends, colleagues, or club members. Our staff will be happy to help you plan an enjoyable experience of learning and discovery. We can even customize your tour to include displays of artwork of special interest to your group.

Museum of Decorative Painting

Many groups choose to tour the Museum's galleries, and then explore the visible storage area and the Education Center. Plan on about two hours for your tour.. Please contact the Museum at (404) 351-1151 at least one week in advance to schedule your group's visit and make necessary arrangements so that your visit will be a memorable one.