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New Addition
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Santa Sled by Linda Kiska, MDA (ca 1995)
Linda Kiska, MDA Santa
This traditional Christmas scene on a
wooden sled donated by Bettye Maples.
Linda Kiska, MDA Santa

Zhostovo Tray by Nina Goncharova

This is only one of the classic examples of Russian Zhostovo Art recently donated by Jan Shaw of Australia. There are another eleven of these spectacular trays from Jan's collection currently on display at the Museum.

We applaud Jan for her generosity and dedication in preserving and protecting this most important and beautiful art form.

Her selfless donation makes the Zhostovo Collection in the National Museum of Decorative Painting one of the finest in the nation.

We thank Jan for her belief in the Museum's mission and for her generous support.

Nina Goncharova


The Museum is pleased to announce the acquisition of a tray painted by Enid Hoessinger of Australia.

The tray is a beautiful example of Enid's "multi-load" technique.

National Museum of Decorative Painting